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Systems Engineering / Software Development

Information system demands are an increasing challenge as requirements gain complexity, technologies evolve, budgets tighten, timelines compress and applications rapidly expand. To overcome the challenges and their inherent risks the approach requires levels of comprehension that incorporate agile processes, end user adaptations, scalability and security.

ISI’s information systems engineering and software development approach is implemented at a pace that is complimentary and enhancing for our clients. We go beyond the agile methodology, leveraging deep architectural and domain knowledge, tools platforms and governance frameworks to deliver quality applications with ever greater efficiency to enable business to work smarter.

Major tasks successfully completed:

  • Full System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Support
  • SDLC Methodologies (Agile, Iterative, Waterfall)
  • System Analysis, Planning, Design and Implementation
  • User Centered Designs (Application / Interface)
  • Requirements Gathering / Development / Traceability
  • Legacy Systems Analysis and Migration
  • Prototyping, Modeling and Simulation Web Services
  • Performance Measurement
  • Operational Analysis and Monitoring
  • Cloud Computing Migration
  • Infrastructure Topology
  • Tool Strategy – Integration and Implementation
  • Mobile Computing Environments