Small Business Innovation, Big Business Results
Rapid Modernization

Organizations are experiencing continual changes to their technology landscape, data utilization, content demands and user experiences. Existing architectures and applications must be able to quickly align and integrate new solutions—efficiently and effectively delivering new levels of functionality at the speed of modernization and user adaptation.

ISI’s rapid modernization approach works to help organizations achieve successful IT system implementations amid complex environments and changing product scenarios. We provide an agile framework that adapts multiple methods, tools and enablers, scales our highly iterative development to the client, and promotes user-driven transformation.

Major tasks successfully completed:

  • Legacy Systems Integration
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Digital Data Strategy
  • Data Platform Migration
  • Data and Workflow Automation
  • Data Conversion
  • Middleware Platform Development
  • Tools Platform Development
  • Automated Testing
  • Continuous Integration / Automated Deployment
  • Digital Dashboard Development
  • Transformation Framework Deployment
  • Business Intelligence Applications