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IT Governance Integration

As the number and utility of information systems has grown within the Federal Government so have the laws, policies and guidance grown to address the planning, implementation, use and management of those systems. The governance is an increasingly complex undertaking to ensure system life cost, functionality and security remain in line with the leadership direction.

ISI’s IT Governance clearly defines the strategic planning, enterprise architecture, integration standards, and requirements, portfolio and cost elements, addressing all Federal IT policies and utilities with impact across the CXO functions. We fully align with program leadership to help clients establish compliance and value for key IT investments.

Major tasks successfully completed:

  • ITIM Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)
  • Business Case Development
  • Portfolio / Resource Management
  • Modernization Planning
  • Change Management
  • IT Budget Formulation and Execution
  • Quality Assurance / Systems Compliance
  • Risk Management / Mitigation
  • Acquisition Support
  • Program / Project Management Office (PMO) Support
  • System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Framework
  • Communications / Documentation / Training
  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Governance