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Governance Supported FEMA Cybersecurity and IT Resiliency efforts through actionable enterprise architecture, IT Portfolio & Governance Board, and an IT Modernization Plan.


FEMA requires robust IT systems and infrastructure to perform its primary mission supporting the nation’s efforts to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate all hazards. The systems need to be highly resilient for assured performance in all conditions.

Challenge Considerations:

The FEMA environment covers 10 regions across the United States and into U.S Territories. There are several hundred systems to be reviewed and assessed, and hundreds of unique end users to engage as part of determining FEMA systems operational effectiveness and readiness.

ISI Solution Approach and Collaboration:

ISI initially visited all Regions, assessed the systems and included requirements in an IT Modernization Plan representing phased, multi-year investments and milestones. End user interviews and system assessments were translated into unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, constraints. Multiple CPIC Business Cases were developed to address funding requirements for FEMA to achieve and sustain resiliency. A three-phased Transformation Framework was defined and implemented to stabilize, optimize the IT environment through better governance and reduced duplication. The Framework helped transform the IT environment into a sustainable resilient portfolio that reduced duplication, promoted the use of shared services, and aligned with FEMA’s strategic vision and spending priorities. The re-established IT Governance Board and CPIC Portfolio processes were integrated with the Actionable and Authoritative Architecture; and CIO Priority Initiatives were placed under Project/Program Management.

Successful Result:

During the program assessments and resiliency review, the Resiliency Review Final Report and the IT Modernization Plan captured mission critical projects warranting increased investment consideration for Congressional and Executive budget approval. The FEMA CIO was awarded the AFFIRM Leadership in Transformation Award.