Small Business Innovation, Big Business Results
Customer Experience Provided an Infectious Disease medical team with a system/software solution to facilitate management of their customer’s health care experience.


ID Consultants (IDC) provide complex treatments and expert care for patients with difficult infectious diseases.  Their patients are also their customers, who need constantly updated information regarding their treatments.  To accommodate, IDC required a comprehensive, customer-centric system to better inform the IDC customers while further facilitating day-to-day management of the healthcare practice.

Challenge Considerations:

Develop and maintain application software integration in compliance with HIPAA, HL7 integration standards and PII requirements.  Define and integrate data sources and interfaces while meeting clinical business, technical, and information security requirements for managing the patients’ treatment visits.

ISI Solution Approach and Collaboration:

ISI incorporated the full systems and infrastructure engineering life-cycle from requirements, design and development to integration, testing, implementation, operations and maintenance.  Public health informatics standards and a services oriented architecture formed the framework for data modeling, interoperability and decision support.  IDC practitioners, business office administrators and other end users were engaged throughout to visualize data workflows, prove user/customer-centered designs, and validate patient treatment information.  In development we leveraged the existing infrastructure, gaining key capacity and performance with upgrade and SQL Server migration.  Rapid requirements and prototyping facilitated the build and retention of key user interface features in-process.  This led to breaking the information down into meaningful data for dissemination to IDC internal users and customers, and using mobile technology to deliver innovative data and document management and presentation in direct compliance with healthcare standards.

Successful Result:

IDC customers (patients) gained efficiencies with secure access to key information, to include: Explanation of Benefits, Claims Processing, Electronic Medical Records, Online lab Results, E-Prescription, and Events Diary (scheduling).  IDC doctors, administrators and technicians gained time with patients being able to obtain and provide information electronically for incoming patient treatments, infusion treatments and hospitalized patient care using modernized Document Management System, Electronic inter-office Messaging System, Electronic Issue Tracking, and Patient search.