Small Business Innovation, Big Business Results
Agile Engineering Integrated agile methodologies into complex IRS requirements engineering activities to facilitate major enterprise modernization.


The IRS is modernizing the tax processing systems, addressing and correcting Government accounting office (GAO) audit finding issues related to taxpayer data.  This requires systems engineering support for large mission critical, multi-million dollar, multi-year projects involving strategic planning, requirements development, enterprise integration, policy management, financial and cost management, transition and technical management, outreach, training and communications.

Challenge Considerations:

The IRS has multi organizational programs that are extremely complex spanning all SDLC phases.  Requirements clarity across the organization is key in engineering the right information and performance priorities into the modernization activity while improving critical mission and business functionality.

ISI Solution Approach and Collaboration:

ISI introduced and applied agile engineering within the requirements engineering activities, providing hybrid tools and methods for reengineering the legacy individual tax processing legacy systems.  We built the framework for capturing business design from process, requirements and rules to systems, testing and production.  ISI partnered with the IRS programs to produce a comprehensive meta-model for end to end traceability across the program and project level artifacts, which is employed between the program and project for managing knowledge sharing.  We established a Requirements Center of Excellence that is effectively used for rapid iteration on user-centered engineering and design activities.

Successful Result:

ISI generated tens of thousands of requirements, business rules, business processes, user stories and epics in support of over 20 development projects across 13 business units and regional offices.  We provided leadership, agile mentoring, and session facilitation to build integrated teams. IRS won the E-Gov institute excellence award for IRS prime modernization effort supported by ISI, successfully completed the TIGTA audit with no major issues and delivered all ACA projects on time.